All you need to start and keep your art journaling journey in one place

Hi, I'm Olga Bonitas!

Independent award-winning artist and educator. Member of Union Watercolor Russia.

I truly believe that sketchbook practice is a form of self-care. It helps us to rest, relax, create, convey emotions, and remember the moments of our lives. We just need to allow ourselves to be who we are and create freely.

I know that my teaching style is gentle, but I also know that it opens many doors and provides an environment for anyone to tap into their artistic side.

*100% Self-Paced

All courses are entirely safe-paced, which means you can watch the video lesson on your own schedule. No need to rush! Plus, you can keep coming back as long as you’d like.

You can get these 3 courses for only $60! (Total value of $90)