One day, I made a sketchbook out of rubbish.

Then, the magic happened! I made the first sketch, and then the second... And there we go! I started to draw often and easily.

In this class, I want to share my experience of drawing in a wastepaper sustainable sketchbook. I'll tell you why it provides freedom for creativity and changes the way you draw. It's a great practice for those who are afraid of a blank sheet and for those who draw infrequently due to a lack of time.

What's inside?

  • We'll start by flipping through my sketchbook

  • Then I'll give you 5 reasons why you should try a wastepaper sketchbook

  • We’ll make a simple sketchbook (you only need 1 paper bag)

  • And will draw in it. These will be 4 super simple plots that you can easily repeat yourself, even if you are a beginner. I’ll show my favorite techniques and tricks that work great on brown paper.

  • We will also touch on the topic of time: Where to find time for sketching? I’ll share life hacks that help me save time when sketching.

Finally, you'll discover 3 true video stories in which I create real spreads in my sketchbook. You'll get an honest look at how everything works for me.

The first story will be about a big beautiful house and two small people.
It has an unexpected plot twist.
The second story involves wine

In this story, I'll make a mistake and find my way out of a challenging situation.

The third story is about salad

There’ll be no surprises in it, it’s just beautiful and fresh.

By the end of this course, you'll proudly have your very own sketchbook filled with several beautifully crafted pages, and you will gain the knowledge and inspiration to continue your creative journey.

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5 Reasons to Create a Wastepaper Sketchbook:

1. Easier Drawing: Sketching is effortless in a wastepaper sketchbook.

2. Cost-Free: It's a budget-friendly option.

3. Personalization: Customize the size and paper types to your liking.

4. Creative Adventure: A wastepaper sketchbook is an artistic experiment.

5. Great content for your social networks: an eco-friendly, unique project that captures interest.

Course Curriculum

The first two videos, 'Intro' and 'My Wastepaper Sketchbook,' are available for preview without any payment. Simply click the 'PREVIEW' button to start watching.

Access this course for only $45

Hi, I'm Olga Bonitas!

Independent award-winning artist and educator. Member of Union Watercolor Russia.

I truly believe that sketchbook practice is a form of self-care. It helps us to rest, relax, create, convey emotions, and remember the moments of our lives. We just need to allow ourselves to be who we are and create freely.

I know that my teaching style is gentle, but I also know that it opens many doors and provides an environment for anyone to tap into their artistic side.

What my students are saying:

"Such a unique class. For a month I was obsessed with creating and filling my wastepaper sketchbook. I loved your examples, Olga. Great class."
- Brenda K

"Fantastic and innovative class! How to make a sketchbook out of recycling paper? Olga is here to help you achieve this. Really great in lockdown times, when sometimes art supplies are harder to get by. Or simply if you want to try something new! Thinking out of the box. Really enjoyed the class, all the gorgeous art work we are inspired to do with the teacher, and it was fun making the sketchbook. Thank you Olga!"
- Claude C

'I really love how laid-back Olga's teaching style is, and how her directions are so supportive of the student's own creativity! She gives instructions that are easy to follow along with or alter as you please. Lovely!'
- Anai W

"I really enjoyed this class. It's a smart idea to reuse paper bags to make sketchbooks. And, like Olga explains, it's no longer intimidating filling pages with crazy creative ideas :-)"
- Véronique S

Access this course for only $45
*100% Self-Paced

This course is entirely safe-paced, which means you can watch the video lesson on your own schedule. No need to rush! Plus, you can keep coming back as long as you’d like