In this class, we'll explore:

  • The key differences between sketching on white and tinted paper.

  • Diverse techniques for drawing and painting in white, creating stunning depth in your illustrations.

  • Simple yet stunning illustration methods.

  • The art of blending different mediums.

  • Lots of valuable tips and tricks.

Don't rush to the art store just yet; you probably have a paper bag or wrapping paper at home, and that's perfect for this lesson.

The class features 4 beginner-friendly, real-time, step-by-step tutorials. So, grab your sketchbook or that paper bag from the supermarket haha, and let's create together.

It took me several years of practice to develop my approach to creating illustrations on tinted paper. But you can get the basics in just an hour drawing with me in this course. This knowledge will boost your confidence and inspire you to explore and create wonderful illustrations on your own.

Who is the course for?

-      Beginners and amateur artists who enjoy drawing and painting for fun, relaxation, and as a hobby while seeking inspiration on their creative journey.

-      Those who love experimenting with different techniques and materials. Oh, I understand you! This course will let you explore new materials without breaking the bank at an art supply store.

-      Individuals who appreciate easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials.

-      People who appreciate straightforward methods to achieve brilliant results in their art.

Please take a look at the course curriculum. The first two videos, 'Introduction' and 'Course Project Overview,' are available for preview without any payment. Simply click the 'preview' button to start watching.

Hi, I'm Olga Bonitas!

Independent award-winning artist and educator. Member of Union Watercolor Russia.

In 2016, I welcomed my second baby and became a full-time mom. With very little time for work and creativity, I faced a decision: I needed to learn how to draw quickly. I bought a small-sized sketchbook to have with me whenever I had a free minute for drawing.


That sketchbook contained various types of paper, including black and brown craft paper. It It was my first experience with sketching on tinted paper, and it truly amazed me. It transformed my artistic vision, changed the way I drew. It provided me with much more creative freedom than I had experienced before.

You can read more about my journey and how I arrived at my modern approach to sketching on tinted paper in a blog post available here.

Believe me, it's worth a try.

What my students are saying:

"Loving all the projects in this class. My fgavorite are the quotes and the family pictures. That would also look well in a frame hung on a wall. Hope to see more classes from you, OIga. I really love your sketching journey and that palette of yours always inspires me." - Meda H.

"I love Olga's classes! There is a sense of calmness in her teaching style that makes my overloaded mind go to quiet and very peaceful place of creativity- to rest, enjoy and rejuvenate. As she has mentioned, and as we all know the process of creating something, on a piece of paper (in this case even paper that we usually put for recycling) or anything, is the most important part; it creates paths in our brain which I see as a park trails where we go so we can breath, relax and replenish our spirits. I find Olga's classes equally valuable as art lessons and therapeutic self-care.❤️ thank you Olga!" - Vesta D.